Top 10 Posts of 2015

2015 was an on-off year for Yankee Smartass, and I really want to thank everyone who took the time to help out with content, and above all– support!

It’s a grind trying to come up with post ideas and to get all the assets together, and I truly appreciate all the cheers and go-get-’ems I got time and time again.

Here are my Top 10 Post published to Yankee Smartass in 2015!

There were posts and pages that got a lot more traffic this year than the ones below, but this is the content that was published this year that got the most views.


10) I took a moment and made a list of Hollywood actors… and the younger guys I want them replaced with

9) Spanish Cava went spooky for our Halloween-inspired drinks + crafts with Freixenet

8) I gave you my take on Sense8 and my call for multi-dimensional casts

Best Red Wines for Thanksgiving

7) My friend Caryn inspired my list of Beverage Pairings for Adulting

6) Andy Michaels knocked some sense into comic nerds with his take on the New Wolverine

5) The beautiful Ashli Carnicelli gave us a quick 101 on Skincare and aging

granny smith infused tequila

4) Sauza Tequila got us thinking about tequila for autumn drinks!

3) Maureen taught us about Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month

2) My friend Sarah told us how she struggled with her miscarriage, and how she dealt with the grief, apprehension, and joy of her first pregnancy.

1) Daniela Woerner gave us tips on how nutrition affects our winter skin.


What do you think of our Top 10 Posts of 2015!

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