So, New Projects

So, I started some new projects over the weekend, and renewed my desire to actually work on existing ones. It’s weird.

I mean, I’m here and writing, so … you all should see that, no?

Also, how vague can I be?

I’ve been working on a novel for about a year now, that’s a sort of adventure/Lady Indiana Jones type thing. It stalled once I went back to work earlier this year, and I’ve finally put my foot down about finishing it. I’m really excited about it and even sort of mocked up how I want the cover to look:

constellation cover

Obviously, I am not a graphic designer, but y’all get the hint. For some reason, I’m totally the writer that needs a title before I start working on a project, and having a cover also makes me feel better about how it’s coming along.

Another project I started working on is weird for me… I finally started my first screenplay.

I’ve always had in my mind the opening visuals of a movie, but never knew what the plot was going to be… until this past weekend. I started glomming some stuff down on paper, and so far, it’s terrible, but I like it. I’ve lived in LA for almost 10 years and was always super happy that I was a Writer In Los Angeles that didn’t write for film.

Well, all that shit just flew out the window.

It’s still super hard to find time to write and more than that, the energy. But the pawns are in place and everything should be good to go. I’m trying, and that’s something.

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