Book Blurb Advice?

Hey, guys!

So, I don’t write about writing all that much, but I wanted to ask you all for some suggestions. I’m going to be self-publishing my first novel soon(er rather than later?) and I’d love some feedback on something crucial:

My “book blurb”

You know– the selling points, the jacket copy, whatever. The thing people will read to see if they want to read the book.

I wrote this out for my query letters to agents and it got me some traction– like, a few partial and full requests for the book. While it never led to an agent, I think it’s still good copy.

What would YOU change?

Charlotte Daly is goal-oriented, inquisitive, and tireless— everything one needs to be a successful researcher at a prestigious museum. She is well-known amongst her colleagues to be an up-and-coming talent. She just wasn’t expecting her greatest find to come from her great aunt’s basement.

Charlotte has never seen anything like it before—a dagger as long as her hand made entirely of blue sapphire, flawless except for a few specks in the handle. To figure out its secrets, Charlotte convinces her boss to let her re-trace her aunt’s travels to its source– with the accompaniment of her longtime friend and co-worker, Rory Hobbs.

Charlotte’s clues take her and Rory to Kathmandu, where they discovers Charlotte’s aunt may not have been the noble adventurer she had imagined. Conspicuous wealth, violent attacks, and grand myths plague the pair as they jump into a world of secret societies and treasure hunters they never knew existed.

So, what do you think? Honest feedback is a MUST!

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