#WineWednesday: BBQs, Picnics, & Wine On-The-Go

You’re going to need a BBQ wine With the Fourth of July creeping up on us. As always, I reach for wine, but it can be annoying or difficult to bring big, bulky, corked bottles with you to a picnic or a barbeque. Here are some suggestions for the best wines to drink on-the-go!


BBQ & Picnic Wine
Sofia Blanc de Blanc Minis • Big House Wines White Blend • Drink Stack Sauvignon Blanc • Bota Box Sauvignon Blanc • Nuvino Pouched Chardonnay

The most well-known of the more palatable canned wine is the Sofia blanc de blanc sparkling mini cans from Coppola. The bubbly is easy to throw in a cooler and even comes with straws glued to the side of each can. It’s light and acidic and goes well with pretty much anything.

Big House Wines white blend is a pretty classic white table wine that’s easy to drink with most vegetarian food. Like all boxed wine, the bag inside is airtight, and has a neat little spigot attached. If you keep this guy cool and away from light (think: in the fridge) the wine inside will stay good for three weeks. The octagonal box is an interesting design, but makes it a bit difficult to pack in a cooler or bin.

The Stack concept is interesting, but not my absolute favorite for partying away from home: the individual glasses are shrink wrapped together in a precarious stack of glassware, with sealed lids to make sure nothing spills. I’d leave this more for BBQ entertaining rather than picnicking, but it’s a really neat way to add wine to an event, especially if you don’t want people over-pouring OR have someone designated to bar duty all night.

Bota Box wines are nothing new in the boxed wine world, and they don’t offer any innovation. But what I will say is this: the quality of the wine inside that nondescript brown cube is DELICIOUS. It’s of a quality you usually do not see in boxed wines. This is a great self-serve option if you’ve got connoisseurs at your party, and like Big House Wines, if stored properly, the vino stays good for weeks.

The Nuvino wines are plenty good, and I absolutely love how they’re packaged– in their PreservPak, an airtight pouch that imparts no flavor on the wine it holds, which can stay good for up to 18 months. (Think: add a dash of class to your earthquake survival kit?) The pouch is rugged, too, so if you’re going on a hiking or camping trip, toss one of those suckers in to your bag for cheers when you reach your destination.

Happy Day Drinking, everyone :-)

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