Kick Ass Book Club: Book + Wine Pairings

All this week, I’ve been posting to my Kick Ass Book Club series, and given tips on how to better understand setting, characters, and plot. But now, we obviously have to talk about the most important part of book clubs in general:

Book Club Wine


There are soooooo many elements to consider when it comes to the right wine to pair with your book club book.

The obvious, of course, is if the characters mention a specific type or varietal, try to find that. I know that in A Discovery of Witches, the vampire characters drink a lot of (expensive) Cabernet Sauvignon, so that would be perfect to pair with Deborah Harkness’s trilogy.

But then there are the tricksy ones. Books that don’t talk about drinking at all (which, really, why would you read them?!), or books that are kind of out in left fie.d


Does the book take place in a time or era that was devoted to one kind of wine? All the European cultures have a distinct wine culture– either vino they grow themselves, or wine that they dutifully import from one of their continental allies.


Now, if you’re book club host, this takes a bit of heavy lifting. Sorry, but you might have to break out the Wikipedia when figuring out what to pour.

But research comes with taste-testing, so it’s not all that hard work.

Color or Presentation

We all know that wine is either white, red, or rosé, but what about other factors, like viscosity? It’s time to get a little theatrical with your drinks.

Price Point

Now, a classy and elegant story deserves a classy and elegant wine. But what if your characters are… the exact opposite? Well, there’s a wine for that, too! And that’s a lot more fun– especially if your low budge wine comes with a spigot. #YouKnowWhatI’mTalkin’Bout

Check Out Our Book Club Wine Infographic!



What’s your go-to Book Club Wine?

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