Stupid Things From Early 2000s College Internet

Guys, why was this funny?

Who knows. But having been in college from 2003-2007, this shit was hilarious. If you were bored and an undergrad and likely stoned at any point between 2000 and 2008, you saw this video. A million times.

I miss this era of video celebrity. Shitty flash animation and bad accents and nonsensical jokes.

So much better than the current youtube celebrity.

No, really. What were we smoking?

I distinctly remember watching this in my freshman dorm room with my roommate and all of her friends.

Literally, the first time I saw it, tears down my face. I was not on any kind of drugs. Believe it or not. Maybe just tired? Who knows.

Oh, early 2000’s internet. You were weird.

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