#DoYourThing: An Energy Awareness Checklist #ad

Now, more than ever, I feel the heat. And by that, I mean the pressure to get greener & focus on energy awareness.

Sure, it’s only May 4th and it was 90* out here in sunny Pasadena. This summer promises to be another scorcher.

And then there’s… everything else. You catch my drift. Not only is going green better for the environment, it’s better for your wallet, too. In times of uncertainty, you gotta control what you can, and most of us can tighten the reigns on our energy consumption and spending.

Need some ideas? Well, if you’re here in Cali, you can start by clicking over to Energy Awareness California, to learn about statewide initiatives to build a more lush, verdant, and energy-aware state. I mean, we’re the most populous state in the nation, so it’s up to us to set the bar, right?

• Invest in Alternative Energy (If You Can!)

It’s been kind of a long process, but one thing I want to shout from the rooftops is: INVEST IN SOLAR! Our panels cover about 92% of our energy usage and (because we were fortunate enough to buy them outright) will pay for themselves in about four years. Holy moly!

• Kill Some Vampires


Not the Buffy kind, the power kind. Chargers plugged into walls that are either 1) leading to fully-charged devices or 2) nothing at all are SUCKING down energy, for absolutey no reason! I’m the resident Vampire Slayer in our house, running around from room to room unplugging things that just do NOT need to be plugged in!

• Off Peak is the Best Peak

Our fancy-schmancy dishwasher (which we bought when our other one died in a stinky flow of melted plastic and horror) has the ability to delay our wash cycles, so we can time it to do a load during off peak hours. If your dishwasher doesn’t have this feature, just start it up before you hit the hay. Basically the same deal.

Other Ideas:

If you’re not here in California (and your state might be lacking in incentives to push you over to the Green Side), here’s a quick and easy checklist of ideas, but just remember:

Do Your Thing!

Every little bit helps!

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