A Quick, Bulleted List Of All The Things I Love About #JessicaJones

Major spoilers ahoy, obviously.

  • Kristyn Ritter as Jessica Jones. Has she always been this flawless? Have I been blind to her majesty for too long?
  • Trish’s apartment
  • The fact that Trish doesn’t hold Jessica’s silent treatment/emotional outbursts against her
  • How infrequently we see Jessica Jones and Luke Cage use their abilities

  • The fact that both Jessica and Trish are good at their jobs
  • The fact that Jessica and Trish are on COMPLETELY different economic stratas and still get along fine
  • Just basically everything about Jessica and Trish, I love them
  • Kilgrave’s waistcoats (he’s evil, but evil looks good in a vest!)
  • Jessica’s suffering from post-rape PTSD, but her relationship to sex is… normal-ish
  • The coupling of a small-statured white woman + large-statured black man is not being played for kinkiness
  • The (albeit, temporary) return of Robin Weigert to my television
  • Carrie-Ann Moss not in a catsuit or playing second fiddle to a dude
  • Trish doesn’t regret shagging an eventual bad guy
  • Jessica doesn’t give Trish shit for shagging an eventual bad guy
  • The fact that Jessica and Trish tell each other everything. Jessica didn’t hide one bit about Kilgrave OR Reva from her best friend. That’s just… astounding… in this day in age of TV Lady Friendships
  • Malcolm’s transformation
  • “The Sandwich Saved Me”

  • The scrunge-ification of a beautiful woman with no fucks given about putting her in a filthy apartment or gross clothes or overall disgusting living conditions
  • The person who tries to “save” Jessica is the obvious, evil, horrendous bad guy
  • How fucked up Trendy Guy is about handing Kilgrave his Zegna overcoat, and then Jessica calling him out on the fact that he tries to compare that to her sexual enslavement or Malcolm’s drug addiction. I really felt as though that was a sort of calling-out of the “All Lives Matter!” type of trolls you find online.
  • That this whole series was so much better than Daredevil was

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