Weekender Essentials

One of our major 2017 goals is to “get away from it all” more and more. That means: Weekender Essentials!

Personally, I think it’s a lot easier to get away when you 1) pack light and 2) organize your sh*t to within an inch of your life. David is more of a “throw it in a bag, and hope for the best!” type, but that makes my anxiety go wibbly-wobbly.

a solar farm out in the desert on our last trip to vegas

I really like a giant duffel bag that can fit all of our stuff, together.

Then, I know I need to corral all of our tech into one spot. Modern day travel can’t happen without at least two phones, two cameras, and a Kindle. Right?

Also, I personally believe in always segmenting clean from dirty laundry. No one wants smelly socks touching what they’re gonna wear tomorrow! And gone are the days of cramming things into a hotel garbage bag (#guilty). Now I bring my own laundry bags.

We almost always bring our dogs with us when we go somewhere, so I’m eyeing pre-made doggo travel kits. Normally we load up a reusable grocery tote with food, leashes, treats, and whatnot but I think it might be a bit less conspicuous to roll into a hotel with a chic bag instead of something with RALPH’S emblazoned on the side.

traveling with dogs can sometimes not be very glamorous.

My other weekend essentials? Unisex hats and sunglasses, like Ray-Bans and straw Panama hats. I actually usually travel with contacts instead of my glasses; it means that I don’t have to switch specs every time I enter or leave a building. And it means more room in my bag for picking up little treasures along the way. But traveling with just a few pieces that work on both of us? Frees up a lot of room in the luggage!

And finally– I can’t stress this enough– SUNSCREEN. We’re indoor kids to the fullest degree, and all that strolling around outdoors means way more sun exposure than we’re used to, even in SoCal.

Check out some of my favorite weekend essentials below!

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