Office Accessories To Help You Hate Work Less

Happy Saturday! You have to be back at work in about 36 hours. Sorry!Here are some office accessories to help you hate work less.

Consider snapping some up on Amazon Prime, and have them shipped directly to your cube. It’s basically instant happiness for those of us who toil away under the flickering glare of office fluorescents.


Office Accessories to Help You Hate Work Less


At my last job, I had the worst possible desk. It was a glass table top and nothing else– no drawers, no cubbies, nothing. My desk was a total mess! It was a job with crazy long hours, so I had tons of food and snacks and make-up wipes and cold medicine scattered all over my desk. It was way not cute.
And at my first job, my desk was in the middle of a warehouse. At least I had drawers? But it’s hard to feel happy when forklifts go hauling ass past your workspace on the regular.
I totally think my favorite part of this collection is the fragrance sticks. I know people say it’s rude to have fragrance at the office, but every place I’ve ever worked has had a total funk. Who knows why– but if your cube has a few walls, the fragrance won’t travel too much and you can totally lighten the scent a little bit!
What office accessories are your must haves?

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