Learning to Love the Selfie & Jane Cosmetics Give-Away

So. In case you couldn’t tell, I’ve been trying to ramp up YSA and trying to make it more of a business than just a side project. It has– as you may imagine– been difficult.

From give-aways being witty on Twitter to outstanding (if I do say so myself) daily content, there’s only so much you can do to get people to pay attention. Despite the fact that I work as a copywriter and social media person for a living… I’ve been having one hell of a time trying to get any traction for myself.

I met with my friend Max last week– a bigger social media guru than me– about things I could do to really get things going. He’s proud of my numbers and thinks I have good thing going here… but he says there’s one thing I have to do more of to get people biting.

Pictures of myself.

“Embrace the selfie!” he says. “I’m trying to be as platonic about this as I can be… you shouldn’t be wary of putting yourself out there, as much as you can.”

It certainly holds up to scrutiny, this idea that pictures of me (especially ones where I’m in slightly more revealing clothing than my usual skinny jeans and tee shirts) do really well in social media.

Ten comments on Instagram, when I usually get four. Tops.

23 likes, which I’m going to ASSUME are for me, and not the chow chow.

35 likes. I think this bright coral dress + headless me might be the most popular photo I’ve ever posted.

But you’ll notice that my face is missing from pretty much all of these. It’s not that I think I’m ugly or anything, I think I’m basically pretty. It’s more that I’m 1) not “LA” pretty and 2) never been particularly popular, so why would that change on the Internet?

“LA” pretty is a very specific kind of pretty. The girls here are tiny– like, shorter than 5′ tall and weigh less than 90 pounds. I suppose that’s what looks good on camera, but I’m from the greater New York area, where models run free like gazelles on the plains. I’m that kind of height– 5’10”– and there’s a certain, well, dominance of pretty that’s appreciated on the East Coast. LA likes tiny, submissive women. Which I definitely am not.

Also, the Internet, and blogging and general, is high school. And the women who do incredibly well in blogging are usually… approachable. They photograph well. They were the people who had candid shots in their high school yearbooks. I did not. I was too busy running things like the school’s poetry anthology. (#nerdalert) I don’t voluntarily put myself in front of camera lenses.

As luck would have it, this conversation happened EXACTLY when I had dinner and drinks with my friend– who runs social media for jane. cosmetics. 2014-01-27 15.21.41-1The perk of working in cosmetics is that you are overburdened with free stuff. Like, eyeliner just shows up in your bag like receipts show up in the purses of normal people. She comes bearing gifts– more product than I could ever hope of putting on my bare-ass face for the future of my life.2014-01-27 15.21.29-1

So, I picked and prodded through the goodie bag and took some stuff I thought I might use– a BB cream here, mascara there. And the rest? The rest is for you beautiful ladies (or gents. I don’t judge).2014-01-27 15.21.23-1

Four lipglosses and a gloss that changes color based on your pH. Seven powder eyeshadows and two cream eyeshadows. A brush kit. Eye primer, eyeliners in every color, blush and bronzer. The list goes on. Want to join me in a beauty revolution? Those of us who hate getting our pictures taken can rejoice in a company with a tagline I can really get behind: confidence comes in many colors. Just in time for Valentine’s Day :-)

2014-01-27 15.20.51-2

If you follow me on Instagram, prepare for an onslaught of selfies :-)

And use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. I’ll announce winners next week!

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