Go 4-Color™ This Spring! #BIC4Color

I have very strong memories of my childhood home in Danbury, Connecticut. Many of them revolve around the actual, physical house, but mostly, my emotions are tied to little tchotskis my parents kept to decorate the place.

houseOne thing I distinctly recall was a squat, brown piece of pottery that sat next to our kitchen telephone. Square with a small hole at the center of the back panel, the open-topped container had a small emblem on the front (I think with an egret?) and the word SALT written in a contrasting color at the top. A salt cellar that was meant to hang next to the stove in a bustling kitchen, my parents kept pens and pencils in it, to use to jot down messages or notes while on the phone.

Now that most of my correspondence is done via email and I don’t even have a “house phone,” it’s been years since I’ve kept a little jar or mug of pens and pencils anywhere in my house. I actually hadn’t purchased a pen or pencil since college– most of the writing instruments in my possession were nicked from work, either on purpose (gel pens from the ritzy PR agency!) or by accident (I have a tendency to put pens in my ponytail when I’m not using them… and then accidentally bringing two or … five… home with me).

But you know what made me really nostalgic? The iconic Bic® 4-Color™Pen

bic 4 color pens


The people at Bic® sent me a few of the classic iterations of the 4-Color™ Pen, as well as new classics– 4-Color™  Fashion (the one with the green barrel above), as well as minis and the new metallic barrel 4-Color™ pen. All with a low price tag of $2.99, it’s the best and least-expensive way to get a bit of vintage flair in your house– without, maybe, even installing a landline phone?

I think it goes hand-in-hand with being a writer– an attachment to pens and writing instruments. I remember first being covetous of a Bic® 4-Color™ Pen at a very young age– back when teachers would use the red ink to correct papers, but write notes to me in blue and green. It seemed like a magical tool available only to academics, and people who Meant Business.

Because of this, I used 4-Color™ Pens in college, when I was studying Writing and Publishing at Emerson in Boston. I ran my own magazine and published three issues of student writing and work– and trust me, the red ink got a HUGE workout while I was editing submissions.

According to Bic®’s new campaign, there’s a “personality trait” to go along with each color– because of my penchant for red ink, I’m a “perfectionist,” “bright,” “dynamic,” and “meticulous”– certainly personality traits that go along with being a magazine editor!

I’m so thrilled to have these little blasts-from-the-past back in my possession. Thank you so much, Bic®, and happy birthday to the 4-Color™ Pen!

I was not compensated by Bic for this post, aside from getting some righteous and retro writing utensils :-)



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