A Quick Note To Donald Trump…

Dear Mr. Trump:

Last night during the second Presidential debate, I became somewhat concerned with your assertions that, while Sec. Clinton was a Senator from the State of New York, she didn’t get anything accomplished during her tenure.

While repeating this statement ad nauseam, I’m afraid I found a slight problem with your Presidential campaign: it appears as though you do not actually know how the United States Government actually works.

While we do not have time to go into a full education (though I suggest you contact an AP American History & Civics teacher on November 9th), here are a few quick lessons I know that even you will be able to understand.

First and foremost, as you claimed you would throw Sec. Clinton in jail as soon as you were leader, I would like to remind you that a President is not a King and does not have absolute power.

Secondly, as you continued to harangue and abuse immigrants and Muslims, I thought you might want to get a little refresher on this small document:

Thirdly, as you did attack Sec. Clinton for all the things she couldn’t accomplish as Senator, let’s re-assess the legislative process.

Also, the President doesn’t have anything to do with drafting laws. He or she can champion legislation, but they don’t actually write it.

Oh, and if you really want to know why you’re going to lose…



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