Here’s To You, #ObviousPresident (Spon)

I don’t think there’s an American with a TV right now who just can’t wait for this 2016 race to be over. The heightened stakes! The bonkers news coverage! The pomp and circumstance!

I’ve been waiting for a decent SNL sketch to come out and lighten the mood. But this year, we get Captain Obvious.


I’m currently on a trip home to see my parents, and we are all, shall we say, feeling the burnout of this political season. With coverage on the radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter and practically even Instagram, we all feel like we’re running the race ourselves.

What do you say we all lighten up for a bit?

At some point, I think the only right way to deal with all of this stress is just to laugh it out.

Or, do as Captain Obvious does and run it out if we’re feeling healthy.

Or maybe take a nice vacation?

I can honestly say that being on the Connecticut coast has changed my mood in less than 48 hours. The nice sea breeze, the chilly air, the calls of gulls out the back yard. That’s pretty nice. I’ve gone from sea to shining sea while traveling from the West coast to the East, and it’s really changing my mood!

This time around, I didn’t have to book a hotel, because my parents have a guest room. But you know what also sounds great? Maybe a great big international vacation leading up to Election Day. Spend a week on a beach (I’m thinking Costa Rica), land at LAX on November 7th, and go bright and early on November 8th to cast my ballot. Then maybe turn the electricity off in the whole house to avoid the nonsense for the rest of the day!

Throughout the next few weeks of dealing with election fatigue, I’ll be updating you on Captain Obvious’ own specific brand of fatigue as he LITERALLY runs for President in 2016.



Captain Obvious is running through every state, and offering his own obvious information about each– and his hotel recommendations.

What are your Obvious tips for dealing with election fatigue?!

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