How To Get Rid of Guns

In the wake of more and more and more and more shootings, you, Kindheared & Responsible Gun Owner, may look at the safe that holds your firearms and feel a little, say, squicky. That’s ok! Some people may get angry with you for wanting to get rid of your guns, but we’re not them.

Trick is, you have to know how to get rid of guns responsibly.

Don’t sell them to someone else.

Chances are, your gun was expensive, and I know you don’t want to lose money on your investment. But selling your gun to someone else keeps that gun, basically, accessible and in circulation. With the goal of removing your guns from the civilian population, don’t sell them to someone else.

Participate in Buybacks

If you leave near a major metropolitan area, chances are the police will periodically do buybacks– in exchange for money or some sort of useful gift certificate, police will take guns off your hands. This is an awesome option if you don’t want your guns to go to “waste.” But! Make sure that your gun is being bought by the police and not another (see: pro-gun) organization. You can also check out a national network of gun buyback programs here or urge your local police department to start one.

Call the cops

MOST police forces in the nation have amnesty programs. If you have guns that you want to get rid of, call your local police or law enforcement and let them know. Do not just show up to the police station with firearms in tow– that’s asking for a bad day. Chances are, the cops will come to your house, or have you drive the guns secured in your trunk to the parking lot of the police station, pick up your weapons, run them through a database to make sure they weren’t used in any crimes, and then melt those suckers down to guarantee they’ll never be used for nefarious means.

At least render the gun unusable

If none of these are an option in your area, you have one last option: render your firearms unusable. You can take your gun to a gunsmith and have them alter the firing pins or other mechanism to make the gun unable to fire. Then, if you’re still really squicked out, take it to a forgery or metalsmith to see if it can be melted down.

How To Safely Get Rid of A Gun

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