The 12 Steps of Emotion During the #GOPDebate

First, you realize that you missed the Kid’s Table portion of the evening, and you thank your lucky stars.lsoers

And then the Cool Kids Table starts doing their little personalized introductions.

election2Oh, wait. Trump is talking.

There’s an honest-to-God debate on whether banning Muslims in America is unconstitutional. And we’re all like:


Carly Fiorina is talking terrorism, privacy, and iPads?

At some point, someone says “penetrate the internet” and….penetrate

Trump and DOCTOR Ben Carson spend a good amount of time talking about the war crimes they’re willing to commit.


At this point, any sane person is ready to just give up.

Oh, wait, here comes a question about the Bible and helping people and all the candidates are like:saved

Trump on nuclear weapons…

And then those magical words… CLOSING ARGUMENTS

thank god

But then you check Twitter and see people actually like these assholes.
hell no

Goodnight Everybody. Wake me up when my vote for a Democrat is needed.goodnight

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