14 Perfect Valentines Movies

I love talking about movies and making lists of great movies to get into the holiday spirit. I’ve gotten spooky a few times for Halloween, and merry for Christmas.

But now’s the time to make a list of 14 Perfect Valentines Movies!

Valentines moviesMoonstruck – Okay, I’m super biased, because Moonstruck is my favorite movie of all time. You’re thinking to yourself, “Cher and Nic Cage?” And I’m saying pick up a bottle of Chianti and make some spaghetti, because this movie about Italian-Americans in Brooklyn falling in love over opera is f*ing amazing.

Bringing Up Baby- I love a good screwball comedy, and Bringing Up Baby is one of the screwiest. Howard Hawks knew that if you put Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in a movie, everyone would be in love– the characters and the audience. Oh, and there’s a leopard.

Grosse Pointe Blank- I wish more movies like this got made. It’s a completely satirical, wacky comedy with guns and a fantastic love story. Oh, and remember when Jeremy Piven was John Cusack’s sidekick? That was fun times.

The Princess Bride- Obviously.

Dirty Dancing- Double obviously. I love how strong and feminist Baby is and how she won’t let anyone push her around. But goddamn I wish they would just let this movie be. There’s talks of a re-make.

Singin’ in the Rain- I know that most dudes look at a musical with elaborate dance scenes and they will scoff, but it’s so damn funny. And Cyd Charisse has got legs for dayssssssss.

For a Good Time Call- I mean, this movie is about phone sex operators and is filthy. But the platonic love story between the two roommates and best friends is just lovely.

But I’m A Cheerleader- Ok. It’s an independant movie starring Brittany Murphy about a cheerleader who gets sent to a conversion camp to pray the gay away– but the entire time, she insists she’s straight already. It’s a romantic comedy, I swear.

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist- I’m starting to think I’m mostly just in love with Ari Graynor (who’s a lead in For A Good Time Call), but this movie is how you always thought love would be while you were a teenager.

Amélie- I think I wore out my DVD of this in college, but it truly is quirky and lovely and life-affirming. Also, one of my favorite details is the illustrations in Amélie’s apartment– they’re by one of my favorite artists, Michael Sowa.

Waitress- Now a Broadway musical, this movie is always going to be bittersweet, because of writer/actress Adrienne Shelly’s murder round about the time the movie was released. Though you’re rooting for the couple the entire time, the ending is just so lovely and makes you want to hug your friends.

Obvious Child- If I had my way, this would have won allllllllll the awards a few years ago. Another really lovely love story that has its roots in great platonic friendships where the love story is only heightened by real-to-life situations. Also, Jenny Slate is a goddess.

Safety Not Guaranteed- Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I was going to like this movie at first, as I try to really not watch movies with “disaffected sad female” protagonists. But while Darius (Aubrey Plaza) is kind of meh, the overall story is just too good to ignore. Time travel love story? Awesome.

Bright Star- You need one period drama on a list like this, but there was no way I would stoop to something as precious or (to me) awful as Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre. I hate those stories. Instead, enjoy Abby Cornish’s Oscar®-nominated turn as Fanny Brawne, and her love affair with poet John Keats (Ben Whishaw). Don’t watch this if you’ve just gotten your heart broken, because you will sob so hard you might barf. But it’s so romantic. 

What are your favorite Valentines Movies?


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