Beverage Pairings for Stuff on Netflix

Like any self-respecting adult, most of your Labor Day weekend will probably be spent in front of your television, dreading Tuesday morning. And we want to make sure that your weekend is the best possible weekend, and that means: proper beverage pairings for Netflix content.

nr dickelAnthony Bourdain’s No Reservations + George Dickel Sour Mash Whisky 

I just realized now that Whiskey is spelled incorrectly on the George Dickel bottle. Like Bourdain, it tries to present itself as a serious contender, but ends up just being acerbic and no fun to be around.


Big Trouble in Little China + A Scorpion Bowl

Derivative, racist, and so much better in college than it is as an adult. MOVIE OR DRINK OR BOTH?

up in the air




Up in the Air + A French 75

You think George Clooney is the star of this movie, and then you realize it’s Anna Kendrick. Kendrick, like a French 75, makes you start off thinking is kind of a loopy girl actress and then you realize: no, that’s one serious adult. Fizzy and ditzy on the surface and then you remember that ounce of gin that’s going to knock you on your ass and make you wonder what happened.


As Many Seasons of Supernatural As Your Soul Can Handle + SOL beer

Or, really, any crappy, cheap beer, but of all the fake beers that the Winchester brothers drink, El Sol beer (fake, but similar to the above real beer) appears the most frequently. Fandom!


Chinatown + Overpriced Imported Water


Chef + Mojitos

Ok, this was a cute little movie but I would love to have a nice conversation with casting people that Colombian actress Sofia Vergara and Puerto Rican actor John Leguizamo are not Cuban and not all people of Latin descent look the same but it was still a nice little picture from Favreau who does end up making really great movies most of the time.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun + Cosmopolitans

I know I’ve seen this movie, but I can’t recall what it’s about but that doesn’t matter. This is the essential Girls Night In movie, which should be paired with the girliest girl drink drunk cocktail ever, which was popularized by SJP’s Sex In The City. That’s about as meta as you can get with a pink drink.


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil + Moonshine

Horror comedy about hillbilly murders and unaged corn whiskey. Obviously. Please mix the moonshine with something so you don’t damage your vocal chords. This is not a joke.

30 rock

 30 rock + Mozarella Sticks

Because you already have a drink.bojack

BoJack Horseman + FourLoko

I’ve been watching this show completely sober, but I’m pretty sure it’s written while on something completely insane. Animorphs live in Hollywoo(d) with regular people and have despicable lives and it’s creepily life-affirming and kind of awesome. Bonus: Amy Sedaris!


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