The Stars Shine at Barnes & Noble! #ad

Barnes & Noble basically has everything.

The latest books, beloved classics, movies, music, magazines. It’s a media lover’s paradise, and you all know that I ingest a massive amount of media.

But did you know that Barnes & Noble also does EVENTS?

Even as an adult, I get kind of bored during the summer. People come and go for weekend trips or vacations, and now I’m definitely the age where people have kids and their summer vacations come first, you know what I mean? So I’m always on the lookout for things to do around my fair city (and the neighboring ones!) and was pleased to see JUST so many events at my local stores.

Oh, and PS, parents: events aren’t for grownup-only authors. There are TONS of kid-friendly events at Barnes & Noble, too. Barnes & Noble literally does over 100,000 events across their stores EVERY YEAR.

barnes & noble author events

Unfortunately, a scheduling snafu kept me from meeting one of my FAVORITE comedians of all time– Eddie Izzard– at  an author event at The Grove in LA (blasted being a one-car family!) but I still skipped down there when I had the wheels today to pick up a copy of his latest book.

You probably know The Grove from TMZ celeb photos and where they film EXTRA every now and then. Well, if you’re not in LA, Barnes & Noble events are where you’re basically guaranteed to see a celebrity. How fun is that?

After I picked up my copy of Eddie’s new book… I got lost in the store for like an hour. Whoops-a-daisy.

How gorgeous are these Barnes & Noble books?

In addition to new releases and books about literally every subject, Barnes & Noble has always sold affordable copies of classic literature (hi, that’s how I made it through my literature degree when I had to buy, like, 40 books a semester!), but now they also offer Instagram-ready, hardbound classics that I am 100% going to buy for my library.

In addition to my Eddie Izzard book, I also managed to nab an autographed copy of Stacy Schiff’s The Witches: Salem 1692.

barnes & noble author event

She’d previously done an author event and you can spot the little “Autographed Copy” stickers on tons of books around your local store.

So, in honor of Mr. Izzard, I’m going to paint my talons bright red, peruse the Barnes & Noble event calendar, and filly my social calendar with all the AMAZING opportunities available at my local store!

And because Barnes & Noble is so awesome, I also have a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card to give away! All you have to do is visit your local store’s Author Events calendar and follow the directions below:


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  1. The event I most want to see at my local store is The Rainbow Fish Storytime, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it

  2. My local Barnes and Noble only has childrens events and sci-fi… neither interest me.

  3. Hollie Jahnke

    My daughter would love The Rainbow Fish storytime and activities. That’s always been one of my favorite books.

  4. Topeka Zoological Park Presents Giraffes Ruin Everything by Heidi Schulz sounds good to me

  5. Trisha Musgrave

    Rainbow Fish Storytime in Grand Rapids, Michigan is something my kids would love!

  6. grandkids would love the rainbow fish storytime if only there was one close by its an hour or so away for me

  7. Jessica M Miller

    The Rainbow Fish Storytime

    Special Event, Children’s Event, Storytime (Childrens)
    Saturday Jun 24, 2017 11:00 AM
    in Champaign IL

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