Feel Better! Tips For A Stronger Back

So, this was me this past Saturday:

Yup. Even though I had my friends’ birthday party to attend to, I threw out my back and was laid up on the couch all damn day. Grr.

Because of my lupus, a lot of things exacerbate my aches and pains. One of my big issues?

margo chow chow coneThis fuzzy asshole.

I made the mistake of trying to lift my infirmed chow chow the other day. All 55 pounds of her.

She tore her ACL two weeks ago, and had to have surgery. She’s in a pretty gnarly splint, and all the doors in and out of our house have at least four steps leading to them. So in order for the fluffbeast to go out and use the restroom, one of us has to carry her.

David, obviously, gets the gig. But one day he had to go to a lunch meeting. And I tried to lift the beast. And






It wasn’t pretty. I couldn’t stand up straight two days. Which led to me walking around like Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant Igor, crossing my eyes, and responding to everything David said to me with, “Yessssss Masssssterrrrrr.”


It’s Time To Start Finding Tips For a Stronger Back.

Anyhoodles, even though I don’t talk about fitness on this blog AT ALL EVER EVER EVER, I realize I finally have to start making an exception. I need to strength train.

How to Begin Strength Training

For me, this requires research. A lot of research. The only time I’ve ever been an athlete was in early high school, when I played field hockey. Then, my goal was endurance, not strength– I needed to be able to run up and down a field, not really whallop the ball particularly far.

A great place to start, for me, is Nerd Fitness and their post Strength Training 101. While my goal is not to “look better naked” or anything like that (BECAUSE I ALREADY LOOK LIKE GISELE’S HOTTER SISTER IN ALL STATES OF UNDRESS, DUH), a lot of the info, for me, was too much and also, let me be honest, not going to be practical for some time.

Start Off Small. Like, Weight-Free Small

Another big part of my susceptibility to injury is that all of my joints hyperextend. Like, if I stretch out my arms my elbows get grotesquely convex. Super cute, I know. I need to start without weights and build up strength prior to adding anything that will accidentally cause my joints to hyperextend even farther than they do normally. No need to, ya know, dislocate something.

You know what this means.


pie and lattes


I used to do a lot of pilates and yoga in high school, college, and right when I started working. I had a weird schedule at my first job and had the house alllll to myself in the early evening, while my then-boyfriend was still at work. I had actual muscle definition back then! It was awesome. And then work and life got in the way for the next, I dunno, eight years.

But I also have this… thing. Unlike everyone else in Southern California, I refuse to go to workout classes. Mostly because I’m not doing this stuff to be waifishly small, and also I hate sweating in public. So that leaves me with:

YouTube, Your Pilates Best Friend

Eighteen minutes of Pilates, specifically for your lower back? Perfect.

If I’m looking for something a bit longer, here’s a 30 minute version:

And not one mention yet of how to get a Yoga Body…. that’s nice. It’s like some of us do this for health reasons or something.

And if there’s still soreness traveling up your spine, try this:

I think these are great beginner resources as I get ready to start my journey to having muscles!

What are your resources for strength training and fitness?

training for a stronger back

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