November: New Month, New Life, New Goals

Happy November, everyone!

image courtesy Kid President

image courtesy Kid President

Halloween went out with a whimper over here, and I’m honestly happy to see it go. November 1st marks the unofficial start of the Holiday season for bloggers, and I can’t wait to get eyebrows-deep in Yuletide cheer.

The only sorta-bummer over here is that my DIY Extravaganza of the Year is put on hold, momentarily, as my entire life is in boxes:

Like, literally. I just turned around and took this picture.

Like, literally. I just turned around and took this picture.

I should be ecstatic, but really, I’m super stressed out. David and I bought our first house and we are moving into it in 10 days. Right now, 90% of the house is packed, except for our dishes, a few pots and pans, and David’s studio.

It kind of puts a damper on my usual, “Can we fix it? Yes we can!” spirit. I’m a busybody, and not having everything I need (or may potentially need) right at my fingertips is giving me the stressies. Not good at all.

But the good news is, planning has gone into overdrive. My Home Projects Pinterest board has gone crazy:


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Paint colors ahoy!

And four days after we move in, some builders come by to tear down the chimney stack and rebuild it from the ground up.

Yeah, like, minor stress going on here, guys, I’m telling you.

The good news is, starting November 13th, I get what I’ve always wanted: a project, a goal, and a giant space to start tinkering away at building our dream house. Start with a new chimney stack, paint some walls, rip up some carpet, re-do a kitchen, plant a whole yard of stuff… There’s a lot to do and I’m so excited.

Maybe some of this anxiety is just waiting to get started? I can only hope!

And because I can’t do just one thing at a time…

I’m going to be self-publishing my novel. Hopefully by the end of the year!

My friend Lindsay (graphic designer and also creator of the new shop pop fizz sparkle) will be doing the cover art (so excited!) and I’m aiming to have this all up and running– in print and in eBook format– by January 1. Just in time for all of our “Read xx,xxxx books in 2016” New Year’s Resolutions.

So, how’s your YesVember shaping up?

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