Happy Howl-idays with Kriser’s Natural Pets!

Now that our puppos are getting older, we have to be a bit more discerning about where we get their Howl-iday treats. Gone are the days of giant boxes of grocery store dog cookies; with a million bajillion allergies and health problems between our doggos, we have to beeline for stores that carry healthier treats, so the hounds have something to open up on Christmas morning.

Enter Kriser’s Natural Pets!

Just down the road a-ways from us, Kriser’s closest store to us is in Studio City, CA, which is pretty central to anyone who lives in Hollywood, West Hollywood, Silver Lake, or most of the San Fernando Valley. Upon entering the store (just at the edge of the shopping district on Ventura), I was happily surprised to find a well-curated mix of natural food, treats, and toys for dogs, cats, and other animals.

kriser's natural pets

My nine year-old chow rescue, Margo, came with us for the ride. Literally- she LOVES car rides, no matter where they end up. Today, she was doubly excited to realize we ended up at a toy store.

Everything in Kriser’s Natural Pets stores is Kriser’s Approved, meaning each product has gone through detailed review by owner/founder Brad Kriser and his team to ensure it is of the utmost quality.

  • All food is free of corn, wheat, soy or by-products
  • All health & beauty items are natural, gentle, non-irritating grooming products
  • All treats, supplements and supplies are from trusted brands that they feel good about recommending
  • And, as Brad says, “our groomers treat your pets like their own. Because for a few hours, they are.”

Speaking of grooming, our fuzzball did get a little concerned once she realized that a big ol’ doggo was getting a B-A-T-H in the next room. But human friends will be happy to know that their shopping experience won’t be hampered by the smell of wet dogs. I couldn’t smell the poor wet puppies at all!

kriser's natural pets

Now, Margo isn’t much of a toy-motived dog, so we bought her a box of all-natural, grain-free peanut butter and banana dog treats (YUM).

But she did deign us with a photo op with two adorable Christmas-themed stuffies:


The recipient of our two hedgehog friends was really more our rescue pittie, Carson, who didn’t come on our field trip with us.


Not pictured: Carson’s happy, waggy tail, which is DEVASTATING to store displays. We all get a little embarrassed when his tail takes down sales racks and upends giant bins of stuff. 

The staff at Kriser’s was kind and knowledgeable, friendly, and fun. And, I must say, appealed to my vanity by complimenting our old fluffball several times during our visit :-) And best yet, they carried our favorite brand of natural pet food, so needless to say– we will return to Kriser’s!

Kriser’s Natural Pets stores are found in Illinois, California, Texas, Colorado, Virginia and Washington D.C. So be sure to click here to find a store near you!

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