We Need To Talk About Pinterest.

fashion-girl-makeup-paint (2)Guys, we need to have a serious– and I actually mean this– serious talk about a trend that’s been gaining a lot of traction, especially thanks to Pinterest.

We need to talk about DIY Makeup.

I have one word for you about this:


Listen, I know times are tough and you need to save money. I also know that make-up trends change about every 45 seconds nowadays and to stay on top of them, it’s wicked hard to run to Sephora or Wallgreens every other day to get something new. But mother of pearl, you have to stop DIYing makeup.

This is beyond, like, “make a hair mask of honey and coconut oil!” stuff they tell you to do in Allure. This is literally people making foundation out of nutmeg or eyeliner from store-bought activated charcoal. Or lipgloss out of crayons.

Stop stop stop stop stop.

There’s a reason why make-up is make-up and crayons are crayons. They have different pigments and chemicals and sh*t in them. Makeup has to go through a rigorous trial done by the FDA to show that the color pigments in them are safe. Also, make-up companies spend millions of dollars each year researching if their products are safe to use– so, like, if you get a glop of mascara in your eye, it won’t make you go blind.

Do not use foodstuff in DIY make-up. Do not put spices like cinnamon or nutmeg near your eyes. Do not use anything that contains sugar NEAR YOUR EYES. You will, 100%, get an infection. If your activated charcoal’s crystals aren’t ground finely enough and it gets in your eyes, you could scratch your eyes.

More so, putting cocoa powder on your skin? None of that is noncomedogenic, and you KNOW you are going to get zits.

For the love of your own beautiful face, please STOP DIYing make-up.

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