Weekend Warrior Fuel: Dannon Yogurt Drinks! #ad


I don’t know about you guys, but by Friday afternoon, my weekend looks a little something like this:

Yup– that’s a page-long To Do list that I have 48 hours to turn into a Ta Done list.

Of course, being a Weekend Warrior is made a lot harder when you’re run-down and straight-up HANGRY.

So I’m thrilled that I got to try these new Dannon Yogurt Drinks– both the Light & Fit Yogurt Drinks and the Oikos Yogurt drinks, too!

These are healthy, portable, protein-packed snack drinks that make eating healthy (and avoiding hangrypants meltdowns) super easy.

What’s the difference between Oikos and Light & Fit Yogurt Drinks?

I mean, aside from they’re easy-to-keep-in-the-fridge snacks that are flipping delicious and can go anywhere with you (like, say, the cupholder of your grocery buggy or enjoyed on the way to the dog park), Light & Fit offers a 7 fl. oz. nonfat yogurt drink with 9 grams of protein, 90 calories, 0 added sugar, and 0% fat, while Oikos contains 10g of high-quality dairy protein as well as live and active cultures.

And if you have a little bit of extra free time, why not try blending either Light & Fit or Oikos yogurt drinks with some fruit in the blender for a PUMPED UP on-the-go treat?

(BTW: these guys are going to be in the fridge section, right by the yogurt. They come in 4-packs, too, so you can make sure the whole family is fueled for the weekend!)

And if you’re heading to Wal-Mart this weekend, be sure to check out the Ibotta App for $1 off Dannon Yogurt Drinks!

Well, not every treat this weekend can be healthy– at least I’ve got my Dannon Yogurt Drinks!

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