100 Basic Life Skills

So, one of the weirdest things about Being A Human On The Internet is interacting with people who are vastly, vastly different in age from you– and maybe not realizing it. I’m very happily 30 years old, so I am sort of in the bisecting age demographic of society. I definitely remember a time without the Internet, but I’ve been using it for so long that I know, by and large, how to interact with people without being, ya know, weird.

One of the biggest things I’ve realized, though, is that people around my age or younger don’t seem to have basic life skills. We’re talking things your mom and dad would flip their shit if they knew you didn’t know.

Thankfully, as I mentioned, we have the Internet. And YouTube videos a-plenty to teach you some pretty basic lifeskills stuff you may not want to admit you don’t have.

So here’s a list of 100 Basic Life Skills– that link to some pretty decent video and visual tutorials.

befa5c7cfca376be94eddaf5af8d72f6 Cooking

  1. Make a cake from scratch
  2. Make bread from scratch
  3. Cook dried beans
  4. Can your own food
  5. Freeze food
  6. Grow your own herbs
  7. Make eggs different ways
  8. Properly cook meat
  9. Make coffee without a coffee maker
  10. Measurement conversions
  11. Grow an edible plant from seed
  12. Recognize signs of nutritional deficiencies
  13. Prepare potatoes different ways
  14. Make butter
  15. Make whipped cream
  16. Make icing
  17. Pasta from scratch
  18. Basic knife skills
  19. Difference between sauté/braise/fry/etc.
  20. Food storage & safety



  1. Remove stains from laundry
  2. Get stains out of grout
  3. Dust
  4. Clean your bathroom
  5. Clean your oven
  6. Clean your fridge coils
  7. Wash a car 
  8. Sanitize a kitchen
  9. Unstop a drain
  10. Clean your vacuum
  11. Remove smoke odor
  12. Change out a toilet seat
  13. Wash dishes by hand
  14. Clean upholstery
  15. Clean your mattress
  16. Wash a dog
  17. Wash your windows
  18. Remove stain from tub or sink
  19. Remove hard water deposits
  20. Clean make-up brushes


Home & Life

  1. Change a light fixture
  2. Paint a wall
  3. Seal a drafty window or door
  4. Change a car tire
  5. Change a car’s oil
  6. Change your own windshield wipers
  7. Know the parts of your car engine
  8. Check the PSI of your tires
  9. Trim your own hair
  10. Do your own nails
  11. Turn off the water to a toilet
  12. Build a fire
  13. Sew on a button
  14. Fix a hem or seam
  15. Deal with cuts and scrapes
  16. Iron a shirt
  17. What to do after an earthquake
  18. What to do if the power goes out
  19. Tell approximate time by the sun
  20. Basic structural engineering
  21. Patch a hole in a wall
  22. Identify signs of home pests
  23. How to use a compass
  24. When to use a nail or a screw
  25. Tool safety
  26. Navigate a city using a physical map
  27. Find a book in a library
  28. Identify a credible source
  29. Cite sources
  30. Use a pay phone
  31. Know the difference between a cold and a flu
  32. The Heimlich maneuver
  33. Treat a burn
  34. Put out a fire
  35. Turn off electricity to an outlet
  36. Jumpstart a car
  37. Basic self defense
  38. Write a physical check
  39. What to do after a fender-bender
  40. How the government works



  1. Format a physical letter
  2. Shake hands
  3. Phone etiquette
  4. How to make change
  5. Basic Excel formulas
  6. OSHA rights
  7. Workplace rights
  8. Document inappropriate workplace behavior/abuse
  9. Write a thank-you letter
  10. Writing basic instructions
  11. How to make polite small talk
  12. Give a presentation
  13. Professional dress vs. business casual vs. casual
  14. Customer service skills
  15. Apply the scientific method
  16. Fix a printer jam
  17. Change the toner or ink in a printer
  18. Send a fax
  19. Identify & remedy computer issues
  20. Ask for a raise

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  1. Thanks for this great list and all the links! I am using this to teach Home Ec class to my two homeschool kids. Great resources.

  2. WOW – what a practical, comprehensive list. I mentor young women and will borrow some of the developed skill ideas like “ask for a raise,” “jump start a car,” and “properly cook meat”. Thank you!

  3. Thank you, this is awesome! I’m a homeschool Mom who is going to use this with my kids, and learn a few myself!

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