Get Spring Clean with Rebel Green & Win!

I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising, but it is: as soon as I became a homeowner, the way I took care of my house did a complete about-face.

David and I went, for lack of a better term, whole-hog on the green living thing. Oe year of astronomical power bills and suddenly, we’re signing contracts for solar panels. I’ve got DIY Ollas in most of our planting beds, complete with xeriscaped landscaping. And one thing’s for sure: the old-fashioned cleaning chemicals of my younger years are gone. 

Enter: Rebel Green

Rebel Green Products

Rebel Green is exactly the kind of company I can get behind: a woman owned business, with green products, and packaging that is designed to be eye-catching and edgy. Their product lines are designed and manufactured only in the USA using responsibly sustainable materials.

And don’t get to thinking that Rebel Green is short on product variety: they’ve got basically everything you need to make your home naturally sparkley– we’re talking greywater safe USDA Organic detergents and fabric softeners; as well as natural dish soaps, cleaning sprays, room sprays, hand soaps, linen sprays, candles and fruit & veggie cleaners.

Oh, you think you don’t need fruit and veggie cleaning spray? Let’s do a little experiment.

In my backyard I have a giant grapefruit tree, and the overhanging branches of my neighbor’s Seville oranges that he allows me to pick. This is what they look like fresh off the branches:

Delicious, I know. And these are ostensibly “organic” trees– no one sprays them with pesticides, or anything like that. Just natural schmutz.

So, enter Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean, a vegan, cruelty-free, Kosher, solution designed to reduce surface pesticides, waxes, fungicides, insecticides and those nasty hand oils from produce. It rinses clean with no aftertaste, too boot.

For individual fruits, you can spritz each piece once or twice than buff it with a towel or paper towel for 30 seconds. Since I was doing a batch of fruits that I was going to juice (and sometimes, what’s on the outside of your produce yuckily ends up in my juice as I squeeze & work), I dumped my citrus in the sink, added a generous pour of wash, and then added water to submerge, then a fair amount of agitating.

rebel green fruit and veggie clean

I will not show you what was left in the water because I do not want you to barf.


Here’s the after shot of the fruit:

No, those are not store-bought grapefruits. Those are the same dirty beauties that had been floating in my sink! They are absolutely stunning and clean, ready to be handled and prepped and eaten to my heart’s content.

While Rebel Green is available on Amazon and Target, today I’ve got some great news:


You can enter to win a $50 Gift Certificate for Rebel Green Products on!


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I received payment and product in exchange for an honest review of Rebel Green’s products & to host a give-away. All opinions are my own, but Rebel Green is seriously cool.

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