Project: Pinnable Patio

The photo above is not my patio.

It’s a stock image from the company Pexels.

This is my patio:

patio makeover

As far as back decks go, it could be a lot worse. It’s a concrete deck that overlooks our back yard, that was painted some years ago. We’ve got tons of plants, a decently working BBQ, and some lounge furniture that suits us nicely (in that we do not lounge). The sunbrellas are a relatively new feature; we didn’t want to construct an awning or overhang, and they cover most of the back deck.

But let’s be real here: this is not a pinnable patio.

We know we need to do some work on it, so I thought I’d put together some inspo…

We always try to keep our house very Mediterranean-looking; though we have a Craftsman, we don’t like the heaviness of tons of dark wood. But at the same time, the house is a bit too formal to go full “Bohemian-chic.”
Another key is: tons and tons of plants. Believe it or not, that actually helps keep things cool! Plants offer increased shade and evaporative cooling, so it’s important for us to keep things very green.
While my dream is to tile or even put wood decking over the concrete, that likely won’t happen. I think we’ll probably just end up painting it, or even using some stencils, for something a lot lower-maintenance.
And even though our usual dinnerware isn’t expensive (IKEA can you hear me????), I’d love some *cute* melamine plates for outside just to make things a little less treacherous when a dog tail inevitable connects with my plate of veggie burgers.

What are some of your must-haves for your patio?

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