Finding the Right Color

I feel like a huge mental block I’m having right now hinges on one great big problem:

Finding the Right Color

painting guest bedroom

And I don’t quite just mean my walls. (Though I will say, I’m in love with Benjamin Moore Simply White, which is what David is using on the guest bedroom walls in the above photo.)

Truth be told, like my walls, I’m a pretty muted person. I can be fun and vibrant at times, but by and large, I like being … unassuming? I guess that’s the right word.

Take this blog, for example.

Black and white with hints of grey? ‘Bout sums up the whole thing. The blog, my house, all my housewares– and maybe I’m starting to feel like I’m not standing out.

Not popping.

Not separating myself from the pack.

I pride myself on not hiding a lot from you guys (see: Twitter). I like being honest and open and yeah, black and white.

But there’s not a whole lot of joy there. Maybe nothing for people to attach to, or connect with. Maybe a bit too brash? Do I need to put on aires, more of a veneer, in order to get some traction on the blog?

I’ve been transitioning from being a project-based blogger to more of a personal blogger in the last year, and I like it, I really do. But maybe it’s time for everyone to see my color.

I absolutely adore blogs like Oh Joy and SF Girl By Bay, and maybe it’s time to interject a little bit more rainbow into my existence.

I’ve been following the account of Bourbon and Goose on Instagram for a long time, and I love her hashtag of #myunicornlife. Ever since moving back to Pasadena, I’ve really felt at home, like I hit a great stride in life and, honestly, I’m super comfortable. Things got a patina of magic that they haven’t in a long, long time.

Truthfully, it was this idea of the Unicorn Life that made me smile and giggle, and I couldn’t wait to break out of my boring black-and-white shell. Sure, that’s how my brain still works 90% of the time, but yeah. Finding the right color– a whole spectrum of colors!– is really speaking to me right now.

How are you bringing magic to your 2016?

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