Spring Refresh with Dunn-Edwards! #ad

As someone who has blogged about DIY projects and home renovation on this blog and my defunct blog for almost 10 years (!!!), let me tell you:

Good paint is hard to find.

We’ve re-done our Craftsman nearly top to bottom, and ooh-da-lally, we had one major eyesore left:

The Gym.

Dunn-Edwards paint makeover

That’s a room that screams “Nama-stay on the couch and watch GOLDEN GIRLS reruns while eating chips.”

That is the Stanley Zbornak of rooms.

As it stood, the “gym” was multi-purpose mess that’s supposed to be where I get my sweat-and-stretch on, that also serves as the dog-feeding room and random middle-of-project storage. I painted it white because I didn’t know what else to do.

And it was absolutely yucko.

So, Dunn-Edwards reached out and told me about their service: a free color consultation to make sure my space went from zen-killer to workout paradise.

My professional color consultant, Jamilla, was amazing. I brought in as many bits and baubles (not covered in dog hair) as I could round up and she walked me through the process of matching undertones, moods, and sheens until I was absolutely sure I had the right color to go in my (Pinterest-inspired) spa-like yoga studio.

And in case you were wondering: they have literally ever color under the sun.

I was working with a bit of a hiccup– and that hiccup being David, who is disinclined to realize there is any color other than blue available to people looking to paint their walls. Jamilla more than understood and gathered up three completely-earthy-but-blue-toned greens for our made-over room.

And in case you were wondering, Dunn-Edwards carries basically everything you could need to paint a wall, from brushes to rollers to cloths and tape. We’re seasoned pros at this and had all of our own painting supplies, but rest assured DIY newbies. This is a one-stop shop.

Now, before I worked with Dunn-Edwards, I was pretty anti-accent wall. I have no idea why, it just reminded me of an HGTV cop-out from the early 2000s. But with my color-averse honey waiting at home, Jamilla convinced me that just one wall would transform my room from boring and blah to bad-ass (my word, not hers), without completely overwhelming the boyfriend.

So, you wanna see the transformation?

Here’s a before:

During…. (the color I chose is Dunn-Edwards‘ Distant Haze, btw)

Dunn-Edwards paint

And… the final product:

Dunn-Edwards & YSA Gym Makeover

Way, way better, right? A subtle, ethereal green that matches my cool-toned wood floors, navy curtains, and blue-paint-obsessed boyfriend, that also makes me actually EXCITED to get into the gym.

(My neighbor has a red fence that casts a weird reflection into that room. I know. We’ll ignore that for now.)

Honestly, there’s no way I could have chosen the right shade of paint without the help of my Dunn-Edwards color consultant.  Not too bright, not too gray, not too… too. It’s just absolutely perfect!

Ready for your own spring makeover? Click here to schedule your FREE in-store visit with a Dunn-Edwards color consultant!

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