2016 Resolutions: An Update from The Home Front

It’s time for 2016 Resolutions!

But first, an update:

Every so often, I go completely gung-ho on the blog, only to be sideswiped by something stupid. A new job, an illness. You name it. But this year, the going got tough…

And the tough bought a house.

Christmas Wreath Fireplace

Buying our first house right before Thanksgiving was certainly a decision, and I’m still debating whether it was a good or bad one.

We managed to score a five-bedroom classic Craftsman in a developing part of Pasadena, CA at the top end of our budget– which was still $50,000+ less than you’d spend anywhere else in Los Angeles County.

After living in Ojai, CA for a year, we were longing to get back closer to a city. Ojai is gorgeous, but there is, let’s put it bluntly, fuck-all to do there. Lovely for a weekend trip, a bit too boring to live there 24/7/365.

But we also didn’t really want to move back to the heart of Hollywood (or the adjacent Echo Park/Silver Lake/Eagle Rock areas).

On one hand, we couldn’t afford it.

On the other hand, we’ve lived there before, and the areas are still a little too rough-and-tumble for two folk who are really looking to live a quieter life.

Pasadena is a lovely middle ground and so far, I’m completely in love.

On the plus side:

  • The house was a flip in 2011, so it has a brand-new roof, electrical, plumbing, and just about everything else checked out nicely.
  • Also, about two weeks after we moved in, every major retailer had a Black Friday sale, so all the housewares we needed were all 20-50% off.

2016 Resolutions YayYippee!

On the down side: 

  • The house needed a new chimney, which is still in-process, six weeks after the start date of the project!, but the end is in sight.
  • Every wall was/is beige. Every. single. wall. The kitchen and the two bathrooms are brown on every surface. (Which, let me tell you, bathrooms are super ugly in brown. IfyouknowwhatImean.)
  • When you buy super bulky furniture at the Christmas rush, you know what’s the last thing to ship from places like West Elm and Pottery Barn?Super bulky furniture. 

We’re having a hell of a time getting any sort of confirmation of when everything arrive, and the house is a bit echoey. C’est la vie.

For now, we’re winding down our first wave of renovations in our new house. Walls are mostly painted, furniture is on its way, art is on a few walls. We have materials for our second-wave of projects coming in– new hardwood floors in all the rooms with carpets, colors picked out for the master bedroom and David’s studio.

My life has completely revolved around Pinterest, and I’ve been scouring Etsy for all sorts of fun things to put in to our big-ass house :-)

And so it goes!

What does 2016 have in store for you and your family?

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