Witchy Women: Halloween 2016 Playlist

When you’re looking for Halloween music (and I have many times now, considering I also made a Halloween playlist in 2015 [and now one for 2017]), one thing does kind of stick out:

Creepy songs are totally dominated by male voices.

Sure, Thriller is a classic and Nick Cave is just all-around badass, but this year, I wanted to focus on one thing:

Creepy music by awesome women (or, at least, women-fronted bands).

There are some duplicates from my 2015 playlist (still not getting enough of Ciara’s Paint It Black cover!) but here’s a great playlist of female voices for your Halloween party needs!

Here’s my Halloween 2016 Playlist

Some of the choices are jazzy and slow, while some are sexy and haunting (we see you, RiRi). I also tried really hard to make sure there were plenty of women of color, and even one trans woman is repp’d too– the amazing and completely undervalued Wendy Carlos with her creepy theme for The Shining. 

And because I love you, here’s the Spotify playlist!

What are your favorite Witchy Women songs to play for Halloween?

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