Elegant Adult Halloween Decor

I LOVE Halloween. Always have. It’s not the scares that I like, but the fascination with things that are dark and other-worldly. What I do not like is that most Halloween decor is made for people with kids. You know, bright green witches and singing pumpkins and goofy vampires and the like. Boring.

When you think about traditional tales of the spooky, you think: Gothic mansions. Dracula, the prince of darkness. Opulent, lush, and mysterious. Which, to me, lends itself perfectly to elegant adult Halloween decor.

The key to achieving the look is to avoid bright colors, obviously. Halloween is not a holiday of light. And consider its roots in paganism, it makes sense that it would include as many homages as possible to the natural earth. Elegant Adult Halloween Decor would, you know, eschew rubber snakes for rubbed gold ones, natch.

Also, how cool is that Venetian mask? While masks are an indispensable part of Halloween, the Medico Della Peste mask shape of Venice– with the long beak– is the most macabre. The shape was worn by plague doctors in the 17th century as a sanitary measure. In reality, we all know the beak would do little to protect someone from germs, but in practice, doctors also filled the beak with aromatics to protect themselves from the scent of decay. (The remainder of the plague doctor costume is usually a long black cloak, large black hat, and a large walking stick, as well, adding to the creep factor.)

How are you going to decorate for Halloween?

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