Click for The Very Best Valentines for Dorks 2015

Valentines are tricky. Do you go for heart-felt, or do you just ignore the whole holiday and smooch? I’ve go for the Best Valentines for Dorks.

I always go for geeky, funny and punny Valentines. This year, I got my honey one that was Super Real– it said “You’re My Favorite Person To Lay In Bed and Look At My Phone Next To.”
You know you do it too.
But here are some of my favorite dorky Valentines from etsy. You still have plenty of time to order! And bear in mind, there are so many kinds of dorks, this list of best Valentines might not fit your dorky honey.
Best Valentines for Dorks and Geeks
What’s on your list of Best Valentines you’ve ever received?

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