31 *New* Awesome Halloween Movies

I’ve already written about 31 of my favorite Awesome Halloween Movies, but I figured– there are always new ones to explore!

31 HALLOWEENThe Babadook – Plenty scary and plenty unnerving. Absolutely brilliant horror film.


Children of the Corn – A classic 70s horror film with demon children. Naturally.

From Dusk Til Dawn– Clooney- YAY! Tarantino- unwittingly horrible!

The Fog (1980)- Not John Carpenter’s best work, but it’s a classic and you can’t beat his creepy scores.

Pan’s Labyrinth – I’m never sure if it’s supposed to be scary or heartbreaking or both. Such an amazing movie.


Nosferatu – Classic. Creepy. And then you get to say you’ve seen Nosferatu.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers – Kind of like Children of the Corn but this time, evil plants. Much creepier than it has any right to be.

The Blair Witch Project – I mean, I don’t think I’ve seen it since it came out, but it was the OG Paranormal Activity, right?

A Nightmare on Elm Street – More goofy than scary now, but it’s a classic.



The Addams Family (1991) – A little bit spooky, but a lot kid friendly. An awesome classic to introduce to your (older) little ones to black humor.

wednesdayLabyrinth– I mean, David Bowie and Muppets.

The Witches – Starting Anjelica Huston and based on the spooktacular Roald Dahl book.

Wallace & Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit – I love Wallace & Gromit, and this was absolutely delightful.

Coraline – Dancing dead dogs and a man obsessed with mooshkas.

Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) – Based on the Ray Bradbury book, this is revolves around a super spooky carnival that rolls in to town. Movie was written by Bradbury himself and stars Jason Robards.

House of Usher – The most well-known spooky work with Vincent Price. It’s a must watch.

A Bucket of Blood – An early entry in Roger Corman’s decades-long obsession with creeps and weirdos. You’ll recognize the lead actor from Gremlins, believe it or not.

Dial M For Murder– If you don’t like slashy slashies but love suspense, this is a good Hitchcock to start with.

Slither – The little slimy ones are so gross, and bonus Nathan Fillion!

Fright Night (2011) – This actually revived Colin Farrell’s career, and he’s spectacular in this gross zombie comedy. Also Anton Yelchin > Jesse Eisenberg, IMHO.

fright night

Tremors – There was a time that this movie played every Saturday afternoon on TV, and I miss that time.

Jennifer’s Body – C’mon. Why not see more movies with Megan Fox. I think she’s pretty awesome.

Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow – This is a neutered, animated version of Washington Irving’s classic story that’s much tamer, and shorter, than the Johnny Depp version. Perfect for a taste of spooky literature for the kids.

Mars Attacks – Not really haunting, more alien invasion, but good grief, I always forget how funny this flick is.

the craftThe Craft – Especially if you have a tween/early teenaged daughter.

Poltergeist (1982) – If you can get over the fact that it stars Craig T. Nelson, it’s a pretty baller movie. Also, I wonder nowadays if the entire movie isn’t a revenge on the fact that the Freelings had their first kid before marriage…

The Others – Nicole Kidman at her most porcelain-doll-like creepy.

stokerStoker – I normally stay away from movies about “evil” people breaking out of mental hospitals, but I thought this movie was great. Bonus: written by Wentworth Miller!

World War Z – Not as good as the book, mind, but long live the frenetic zombie over the slow & languid walking dead.

28 Weeks Later – I thought it was going to be a lousy sequel, but Rose Byrne is phenomenal in this movie.

They Live – RIP, Rowdy Roddy Piper. This is a fantastic, absurd romp of kicking alien ass.

they live

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