Disney Princesses As…

So, literally every day my Facebook feed is filled with “Disney Princesses drawn as ____ breaks the Internet!!1!!” and it’s stupid. Like, really stupid.

Unless you’re teaching yourself how to draw, what’s the purpose of re-using characters that are already iconic? Are you adding anything new to the discourse of character drawing? Or how character drawing depicts what an ideal woman’s body is? Women spend a lot of time undoing the damage of the princess narrative, and every day, it’s thrown back in our faces (or, my face at least) as a slightly skewed but still idealized concept of womanhood. And sometimes, like in increasingly sexualized versions of little-girl princesses, I’m even more squicked out by these “re-imaginings” than I am by the original. (Remember: Elsa is the “oldest” Disney princess of all time, at the haggardly age of 21.)

So, without further ado, a compendium of these ridiculous re-imaginings.

Disney Princesses as Prom Attendees.

Comic Book” Disney Girls (because the regular ones weren’t sexist enough?)

Disney Princesses as Giant Babies (?)

Because we all know being a notable woman of history isn’t worth a damn thing until you can be a princess, here’s Historical Women as Disney Princesses (the artist tried to pass this off as “commentary” but I don’t buy it and yes, this actually says “HOLOCAUST PRINCESS”)

Historically Accurate” Princesses that still somehow all have white features and giant boobs.

Disney Princesses as Miley Cyrus (by an artist who actually uses “collab” on his portfolio site)

DisneyPrincesses as Victoria’s Secret Models

Disney Princesses as… Flowers (Always remember! Pretty women are fragile and they will eventually wilt!)

Manga” princesses

and the only one I actually appreciate:

Disney Princesses as Sloths.

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