Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Crafts with Bic® Magic Marker® Window Marker!

Everyone loves holiday crafts and Valentine’s Day Crafts are no exception.

It’s usually not a big holiday ’round these parts– I’m not the Kay jewelers’ kind of gal who expects presents on February 14th. But considering the next major holiday is St. Patrick’s Day (and I am decidedly *not* Irish), it’s the last chance I’ll get til the Fourth of July to decorate.

Enter Bic® Magic Marker® brand Window Markers!

I received two different kinds of markers: a jumbo pink chisel-tip marker and a two-pack of bullet point markers in red and white. All of these– and other colors!– are available at your local Staples. (That’s easy! Heh.)

Now, first I have to point out that these markers– unlike other window markers I’ve used in the past– don’t smell. They wipe off glass with warm water, and they’re non-toxic. Super cool!

I tried working with the bright-pink marker because I loved the color so much, but since I wasn’t using it on a  window or large surface of glass, it was a bit too clunky for what I had in mind…2014-02-03 17.01.40

Womp. But that has no Photoshopping, if that gives you an idea of how bright the paint really is!

Instead, I worked a bit of crafty magic on that mason jar with the two pack of bullet-tip markers…

2014-02-09 14.45.53

I freehanded two pointillism hearts on the side of a mason jar. Not exactly symmetrical, but it’ll do :-)

2014-02-09 14.46.28-1

I also added bands of chevron arrows down the side. I couldn’t believe how opaque the white paint was!

2014-02-09 14.45.46

This is going to get some super cute red flowers in it for our dining room table– a perfect crafty vase for a last-minute Valentine’s Day.

What are your last minute craft ideas for the day of loooooooooove?

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I was not compensated monetarily for this use of Bic® Magic Marker® brand Window Markers. Just got some cool products :-)

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