DIY Mercury Glass

My mom has a really nice collection of truly antique mercury glass Christmas ornaments.  They’ve usually been my favorite ornaments, but they rarely go on the tree.

Having a house full of cats generally means that ornaments have to be cat proof, because ours like to scale the Douglas Fir every year.

But I still really like the look of mercury glass, especially once it’s been all chipped and mangled.

image courtesy

image courtesy

I had a few old tealight holders, so last weekend, I said, “LET’S GET CRAFTY.”

To start: clean, clear glass.  No fingerprints.

Next, spray on five light coats of your mirror spray paint on the BACK of the surface you want to be shiny,  i.e., the inside of the votive holder.

Wait a few minutes for the coats to dry.

Next, with a q tip or sponge brush, smudge around the spray paint with black, silver, or gold acrylic.  Some of the spray paint is going to come off.  That’s a good thing.

It will look a little something like this!

Once I smudged off all the paint I wanted to smudge (I like the word “smudge”), I coated the inside of the entire holder with black paint.

Like this:


And then they get all pretty, like this:

They even match my trusty laptop!

This recent crafty project came out way better than my monogram.

What other crafty projects have you done recently?  (I think I now realize that I’m much better at baking.)




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