#CreativeInsights: Alisha Gaddis

We’re back in the new year with more amazing women for #CreativeInsights! Today’s interview is Alisha Gaddis, who is making really wonder where she gets all of her phenomenal insight and energy. 


1) I love the concept of your book series that started with Comedic Monologues for Women that are Actually Funny. Can you tell us how that series started?

Thank you so much! It is funny how something starts out as something and becomes something entirely different. I started doing and producing stand-up all around Los Angeles with all the women I thought were hilarious (most of the were my friends or became my friends). The shows “Say Something Funny B*tch” became PACKED. Standing room only. The comics were KILLING IT!! But then the shows were over and that moment would never happen again (the joy and detriment of live art). So- I thought #1 all my friends should be famous and #2 I need to make something sustainable that more people, everywhere, could experience. Thus- I started an online magazine of the same name. It became a success! I begged my friends to write their stand-up into columns and we took it from there. The columns started to be syndicated and our viewership grew and grew. All of a sudden, I had TONS of content that needed a place to live again. Then, I came up with the idea of making those columns into monologues so more people could Laugh! I pitched my agent and it all stated from there!


2) Who are some of your favorite comediennes, of the past and present? How has the role of female comedians changed over the years? Has they type of comedy available to women changed?

I am inspired by comics of the past and present. I am really interested in the woman who took command over their careers- created work and shows and opportunities for themselves- Lucille Ball, Tracey Ullman, Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey. My lady friends are killing it currently too- Renee Gauthier, Jenny Yang, Casey Wilson, Jamie Brunton, Nina Manni, so many good ones.

We are making strides, but have so far to go. We have to keep making our OWN content. Write, produce and star in the roles you want there to be! MAKE IT!! DO IT!!! BE THE CHANGE. BE the funny. It is all available if you make it.

3) You’ve also won an EMMY® for your work on Lishy Lou and Lucky Too on PBS. What’s the process like for writing and performing for children? What are the unique challenges?

My husband and I created the show, but I actually didn’t write it. Our dear, talented friend- Carla Cackowski did (SHE IS SO FUNNY). She isn’t a writer for children. She is just a writer. Which I think speaks to your question. Writing to and for kids is like writing for anyone else- you play to the top of your intelligent, channel extreme creativity and make sure there isn’t any cussing!


4) What’s on the horizon for you?

I just had a baby, Indiana Maven- she is a love and light. It has been a struggle and a bursting open on my creativity. I am evolving as a person, so my art and voice are too.

My husband and I have been traveling the country empowering artists and helping them with their careers via our Artist Life consulting business. It is so inspiring. I have found a true passion for helping others make their dreams realities. The band, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, is still on the road touring about 5 months a year- we perform for about 500,000 people yearly! We are working on the second season of our tv show, I am have been doing commercial VOs like crazy, been acting in some films (I absolutely love acting!), Lucky and I are writing a magic- realism musical (it may take a looooong time to finish), and we have been offered a tv deal that we can’t really speak about yet!

It seems like a lot when I type it out, but I constantly feel like I am not doing enough. I am truly neurotic that way. I am the WORST vacationer.

Oh- we are also renovating a historic home we just purchased and are about to travel to perform in China (where our TV show has started to play!) We take the baby everywhere we go. It is a true family affair.

5) How can our readers support your projects, and keep in the loop with your work?

Thanks for asking!

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