What Are Your Must-Have Spices?

must have spices

So, the more and more I see “pumpkin spice…” fill up the pages of Pinterest, I thing about flavor. Most importantly, what do I use every day– and what am I over-using?

I bought that bottle of Hepp’s Black Truffle Salt over the summer, and (though I use it frequently) it’s still not even half gone. Just a sprinkle of truffle salt on scrambled eggs in the morning is luxurious; I also sprinkle it and garlic powder on my stove-popped popcorn for movie nights. Totally amazing. It’s a splurge at $22 a go-round, but trust me– it’ll last you foreverrrrrrrrr.

Then, where would my vegan chilis be without smoked paprika? The heady, autumnal flavor adds depth to my beans and veg that I refuse to get from smoked or flavored meats. There’s a heartiness in smoked paprika that is soothing come fall.

Curry powder is another spice I reach for frequently. It’s a blend of a whole host of stuff– tumeric, garlic…. other stuff I don’t know. I add two tablespoons of it to a can of light coconut milk and simmer veggies and tofu in it for a veggie curry dish whenever it gets cold; David also whipped up samosas once that were divine.


And where would we be without sriracha? We’re actually heading to my friend Randy’s Sriracha Festival this Sunday in DTLA. CANNOT WAIT!


What spices do you use every day?

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