Really Ugly Cupcakes

The blog world is filled with nothing but pretty things.

Pretty rooms.

Pretty babies.

Pretty crafts.

Pretty breakfast.

Pretty lunch.

Pretty dinner.

Pretty desserts.

So, I had it up to here.

I made some really ugly cupcakes.

I stared at my food coloring, and thought to myself, “Self?  What are the two most abhorrent colors I could put together?”

And I made something right out of “Saved by The Bell.”

Bright pink cake.

Bright blue icing.

I made those ugly-ass cupcakes.

And now I’m sharing them with you on the blog.

Do you ever share your ugly creations?

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  1. dude, ugly would have been … oh, i don’t know. anything covered in mold.

    i would gladly eat cupcakes, no matter what the color.

    (is that a sign of poor taste?)

  2. the blue definitely dyes your teeth– i’ve been telling the boyfriend it looks like he’s been eating smurfs for days. macabre, yes, but funny.

  3. not at all :-) they’re pretty tasty cupcakes, but have accidentally dyed my counter tops too many colors.

  4. the icing was so sugary, you could *hear* it when you bit into it. it’s the kind of noise that inspires both disgust and unbridled glee.

  5. i haven’t eaten a food in this unnatural of a shade in a really long time. maybe since we made packers cupcakes for the superbowl?

  6. Hey Emily! Funny post! Just poppin over to say that you won the strawberry lemonade bag from my giveaway on Monday! Contact me so that I can send your info over to the Crafty Cupcake Gal! :) Congrats!

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