Thanksgiving Dessert: Bourbon Ice Cream

I tell you now:  none of these pictures do said Bourbon Ice Cream justice.

Because really, it looks like vanilla.

And my fancy-pants Nikon D40x camera is acting funny, so I had to take these with my point-and-shoot.  With no light.  In our dirty kitchen.  When alls I really wanted to do was om nom  nom nom some bourbon ice cream.

Bourbon Ice CreamDavid tried to make it prettier by shaping them into canelles, but it kind of doesn’t work.

Sorry, baby.

The recipe is diet friendly (if you’re a baby hippo) and super easy (if you think waiting patiently for bourbon ice cream is easy).

It’s totally worth the calories and the waiting.

We used Maker’s Mark.

I want this and some maple ice cream on top of pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving. As an appetizer.

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  1. When we went to Humphry Slocombe, we had the Secret Breakfast — cornflakes and bourbon! I’ve been dreaming about it ever since.

  2. Ps: just google ‘corkflakes & bourbon’ cuz I was all ‘WTH is that?’ And it turns out these Humphrey Whoever people deliver the goods overnight. I might need to try that.

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