Recipe: Saturday Strawberry Sorbet

Thank you, Trader Joe’s for providing home cookies like me a pound of strawberries for two dollars and fifty cents.

The fact that they were bordering on overripe? Perfect for my planned execution.

I usually try not to buy produce from Trader Joe’s.  It’s always on its last legs, and if you’re planning on, say, enjoying strawberry pancakes the day after you purchase your bucket, you’re going to be eating dry pancakes and lamenting the box of moldy berries in your trash bin.  It’s how it goes.

But I wanted some smooshie berries to make sorbet.  I knew they’d be perfectly sweet and at their pinnacle of flavor.

So, let’s make sorbet!

Take the aforementioned pound of berries, cut off the plants and slice ’em up.  I didn’t hull mine, because, honestly, if anyone can tell me why I should, I might listen.

Pay no attention to the wine glass sitting in the back of that shot.  It was after noon when I took these, ok?

Next, stir in a half a cup of sugar, Sugar.

Now they look gross.  But hide the gooey monstrosity in your fridge for a half hour.  When you go and grab it, you’ll have small strawberry chunks and a thick, viscous strawberry jelly-like substance.  A thick, viscous strawberry jelly-like substance I completely forgot to take a photo of.

Next step? Pop it in your blender and let ‘er rip.  Pour into ice cream maker.  Set phaser to stun.

Twenty minutes in your ice cream machine and the phasers have stunned it into a mostly-solid mass of sorbet, that should be transferred to a container for additional freezing.

A container like a Gladware, if you will.

Kisses and hugs to the first person who finds me this color in nail polish form, so I can have an epically cute pedicure for the rest of summer.

Another hour in the fridge, et voila:

A poorly-lit bowl of sorbet.  Modified recipe courtesy of David Liebowitz’s book, The Perfect Scoop. I say “modified” because he suggested I add kirschwasser, and frankly, I didn’t need to get a buzz from my ice cream tonight.

So, I’m working on the photography skills.  But this was remarkably delicious dessert.  Next flavor on the docket: mango.

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  1. next week you wants to come by for sorbet? it’s PAINFULLY easy to make! just tell me what flavor!!

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