Pound Cake with Port Infused Cherries

Perfect pound cake with Port-infused cherries


Now, pound cake with jam or store-bought pie filling is a simple pleasure. What if you want to kick it up to a Grown Up Experience?

Easy. All you need are some dried cherries and some ruby port.

It’s simple: rehydrate your dried cherries (or plums or raisins, or any other dark red fruit) by soaking them in port for an hour, then spoon the resulting goodness onto your pieces of pound cake.

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If you’re concerned about buying port, don’t be. It’s kind of the most amazing wine to keep on hand. Port is relatively inexpensive (you can find a fine one for $20) and fruity, and tastes great when reduced or boiled down into a sauce. Also, as long as you keep it stoppered tightly and in the fridge, it stays good for months. I used a bottle of Daniel Gehrs Fireside port that I’ve had in my fridge for a few weeks.

The cherries get a nice, boozy kick, but I didn’t end up pouring a cup of port wine on top of my cake to get that color. Instead, I just drizzled a little bit of home-made grenadine syrup on top to get a bit of fruity flavor without all the drunkenness of high-percentage vino on top.

Now, if you’re trying to be a total badass, you can re-hydrate your cherries in brandy, too, and then flambé the brandy for a bit of craziness. I did not do this, as I value my eyebrows. I’m just saying, it’s an option. 

home made pound cake with port cherries


This is actually the first time I’ve ever used alcohol in a dessert, and I really dug it! Maybe next time, I’ll add a little bit of chocolate to play off the depth of the port, too.

How often do you make desserts with wine or spirits? 

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