Monday Morning Coffee

So, the AeroPress*. It’s not exactly the most efficient way to make a cup of coffee, but there’s no doubt it’s the best.

Sort of a blend of a French Press and a drip coffee machine, the AeroPress has a cult following amongst coffee nerds. It’s touted as making the smoothest cup of coffee you can think of, with rich flavor. And you never get silt at the bottom of your cup.

Now that I have enough time to wake up at the time I actually want to wake up, walk the dogs, eat a real breakfast and start my daily work at a humane time, I’ve become an incredible connoisseur of the well-brewed cup of Joe. I’ve had an AeroPress in my house for years, but it never got that much use, because it was (erroneously, in my mind) “slower” than making an espresso.

How I have learned!

Depending on your water boiling device, an AeroPress takes about a minute to make a cup of coffee. We use a Bodum electric kettle which has seen better days; we’re upgrading to a new one David found on Amazon that has a “keep warm” feature, so we can drink EVEN MORE coffee and tea throughout the day than we normally do. Start the kettle, get your grounds all set up, and then pour and press. Taadaa!

Another thing I like about the AeroPress is that you rarely end up wasting coffee. David and I buy expensive beans, and it’s nice to not have to make a pot of drip, that you inevitably end up tossing out half of, because you leave two or three cups in the carafe to get cold, or burn on the hot plate. The Aeropress makes one cup at a time.

If you like to completely nerd out about your coffee, there are TONS of YouTube videos of people doing their demonstrations of how to get the best cup out of your press. My favorite one is called “Looks Awful. Works Well.” Which is accurate. This is the ugliest coffee maker on the market. But it works the best.

My favorite thing about the AeroPress, though, might just be that it’s made by a company that makes plastic toys. I remember using their disks to play Ultimate Frisbee in high school gym class.

If you’re interested in having your VERY own Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker, enter the give-away below!

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* This isn’t sponsored by Aerobie. I’m buying you all an AeroPress myself ;-)

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