Meatless Monday: Greek Stuffed Onions

I love Greek food more than pretty much any other kind of food in the world. I suppose Italian food used to be our go-to around the house, but if I really want a treat, I run towards the flavors of Greece.

Generally, that means I’m eating mezzes, or the Greek/Mediterranean version of Spanish tapas or small plates. David and I generally eat dinners consisting of bread and olive oil, slices of cheese, olives, tapenades; stuff like that.

But when I really want a Greek sit-down meal, we’ll fill pita bread with falafel, tomatoes and hummus. Or, we’ll make stuffed onions. This recipe was found in the book The Gourmet Vegetarian Slow Cooker.

Basically, start by coring four onions, each about the size of a tennis ball.  We used sweeter, yellow onions.

Next, put them in your slow cooker, and then add water or veggie stock, so it covers the onions half way.  Cook a few hours (3-4) until they’re fork tender.

Next, in a separate dish, mix 1/2 cup chevre, 1/2 feta, lots of mint, pine nuts, and a bit of olive oil.

Smoosh into the cored onions, then cook another half hour until brown on top.

These are REALLY slippery when cooked, so use a firm grip when taking them out of the crock pot.  We dropped two of them back into the liquid, and the molten cheese was lost.

Frankly, this is delish.  I would recommend serving with some lemony rice, or couscous.  I think all we had was Italian bread, and that was pretty sufficient as well.

Now that it’s getting hot and dry in LA (“dry” in the afternoons at least; in the past week, we’ve been getting drizzle in the morning and at night!), I feel like our summer climate is perfect for enjoying Greek food.

As far as wine goes, choose a really acidic white to pair with this dish.  We had a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. There is also a growing business of importing Greek wine. It’s mostly on the East coast right now, but keep a lookout for Assyrtiko Athiri, one of the main white grapes from Greece. It’s got lemony notes that would KILL with this dish!

What’s the cuisine that you end up cooking most often?

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  1. they lose all the harsh onion flavors, and are just really pleasant and spicy. i LOVE this recipe!

  2. it was sooo much heartier than i expected it to be! one onion and i was honestly kind of stuffed.

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