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So, as some of you know, I just got back from my honeymoon. A sixteen day, once-in-a-lifetime trip to Rome and Paris.

Now, if you think good and proper about Italian and French food, you might know where I’m going with this segue. It was 16 days of cream sauce, cheese, pasta, bread, and butter. I mean, great for an indulgent honeymoon, but since we’re Californians, it was weird to go so many days without vegetables.

I mean, by the time we got to Paris, we were craving veggies so badly, we actually stopped by an **American** themed-restaurant to get a salad that didn’t have a creamy sauce on top of it. I ordered the only plate that didn’t have meat on it– the frais salad, which was a bed of iceburg lettuce, topped with bean sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, orange wheels, canned pineapple, and gucacamole– which the restaurant had whipped to be all one smooth texture.

Guys, it was weird. 

So while I was craving some healthy greens, I got asked to try Kiwami Greens, and I’ve never screamed, “YES!” to a project so quickly! 

Kiwami Greens pulls its origins from Aojiru, a traditional Japanese greens blend known for nutritional properties. It combines Matcha and Sencha teas (things you are likely familiar with) with powdered Young Barley Leaves and Ashitaba (a cool Japanese herb) to make a lightly delicious, lightly sweet powdered drink that mixes with basically anything to make a healthy green juice that also has a prebiotic ingredient!


Kiwami Greens avoids two common downfalls of powered drinks and health foods:

  1. It blends smoothly into cold and warm liquids alike, so you never get those revolting “powder chunks” in your drink
  2.  It doesn’t taste like lawn clippings. You know what I mean.

In fact, when blended with water, the beverage is an excellent texture; only slightly more viscous than the actual fluid.

I also tried frothing my Kiwami Greens in almond milk with a frothing wand like I do with matcha tea, and the result was a pleasantly green, low-calorie drink that was more sweet than savory. I think I’ll be drinking it like this from now on!

kiwami greens with almond milk

Kiwami Greens also suggested it spooning it over yogurt. A gorgeous little breakfast, as you can see…

kiwami greens on yogurt

The best part? Kiwami Greens come in indivudual-serving-sized packets, 30 to a box.

It’s the EASIEST way to make sure that the greens stay fresh, and that you have enough to last you throughout the month!

And like I mentioned right at the beginning of the post: You can now save 10% off the Kiwami Greens subscription box by using the code SUMMER10!

Looking for a different way to try your Kiwami Greens? Check out this recipe video:

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