International Sushi Day is June 18th! #ad #InternationalSushiDay

Confession: One of the worst dates I ever went on was to a sushi restaurant.

Picture it: Boston. Theater district. 2006. A boy I’d already snogged thoroughly at a party (don’t judge, I was 20!) called me up and asked me out. I mean, that’s a great order of operations, right? Get to know if he’s a good kisser before you spend a few hours on a date, I say.

He says, “Meet me at my dorm and we’ll walk to my favorite restaurant.”

International Sushi Day with Sapporo

We meet up and we beeline right for a little hole-in-the-wall sushi joint a few blocks from our school. The only problem?

Oh, that’d I’d been a vegetarian for 5 years at that point and at the time, veggie sushi didn’t really exist yet.

Cue me, sipping on an iced tea and nibbling edamame while he had about $50 worth of sushi. Also maybe adding to the terror of the night was that as soon as dinner was over he said he had a club meeting he forgot about and ran off into the night.

Oh, boys. 

Since that initial introduction to sushi, let me tell you: my love for sushi had nowhere to go but up. Also, being 21+ certainly made dating easier; ever after I could enjoy a nice glass of beer in addition to my veggie tempura or avocado rolls!

After working in the wine and spirits industry for so long, the main thing I learned about food and beverage pairing is that most brewers or vintners make their product to pair with specific foods. And Sapporo is no exception.

International Sushi Day with Sapporo

Sapporo Premium Beer is the #1 selling Asian beer in America and its light flavor profile goes perfectly with sushi! It’s a pale lager style, so even delicate fish flavors won’t be overpowered by a nice, cold sip of it. It also has a bit of a sour note at the end, which helps cut through fatty fish flavors, too.

I love a good food holiday, so I’ve got #InternationalSushiDay in my calendar already!

If you need ideas on how to celebrate International Sushi Day, check out Sapporo on Facebook!

(And psst: they often hold contests with great prizes! You must be 21+, though, to like.)


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