Happy Fourth of July

After all the (deserved) outrage over Aaron Sorkin in the last week, his treatment of women on his shows and his downhill slide into back into adolescence, I always think of this scene, written for Allison Janney, in one of the first seasons of The West Wing.

As most of you who come here often know, I’m a feminist, a liberal and I try to be outspoken in this time of unprecedented regression on women’s rights. In America, it’s heartbreaking to think that we’ve suddenly become a nation that’s devoted to taking away the rights of its citizens, rather than granting them anew.

And then– yes, I do think about this piece of barely-veiled fiction. This kind of barbarism happens every day, in other nations that we do call our allies. I hope that one day we’ll stand up to these people and get them to stop. I know that many of us ask our government to take action on a regular basis (and maybe one day they’ll listen?).

But in the meantime, I’ll be happy that I live in the United States and that I am a woman, a citizen, a person here. I do consider myself a patriot, and I do get warm and fuzzy feelings on Independence Day. Because– at the very least– we’re a nation that for seven years allowed a critic of government and society to speak openly and freely on a major network, without jailtime and retribution. And that show was amazingly, wholeheartedly feminist.

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