Cranberry Infused Vodka

Ah, the world of neutral grain spirits. You are the building block of joy this time of year.

What do you get when you join together a half pound of bright red berries, a mason jar, and hand-made vodka from Texas?

Why, a holiday treat, of course!

It’s cranberry season, but you know me– scones aren’t really my jam, because it’s still 80* every day in Los Angeles. What tastes like the holidays but can be enjoyed in the heat?


DIY Cranberry Vodka

  • 1/2 pound cranberries, washed and halved
  • 1 bottle quality vodka (I used Tito’s)
  • 2 mason jars
  • Refrigerator
  • 3-5 days

Infusing your own vodka is hilariously easy.
Put your sliced-up berries in the bottom of your clean & dry mason jar. Admire the hollow center of your beautiful cranberries, knowing that those air sacs are how they are harvested– cranberry bogs are flooded and then the bushes are basically shaken by a giant machine, loosening the berries and allowing them to float to the surface and get skimmed off the top. (Then, even more hilariously, the ripe berries are sifted from the unripened berries by bouncing them down a series of stairs. The fresh ones bounce. The unfresh ones don’t.)

Pour in your vodka. I didn’t use the whole bottle of Tito’s because … well, 750 mL of cranberry vodka seems like a lot. Maybe just half? Up to you.

You’ll begin to see the vodka turn red almost immediately. It’s really cool. This is what my jar looked like after less than an hour:

Let sit a few days, and then check the potency. I wanted *super* cranberry vodka, so I let these guys sit for about five days. Shake it every once and a while for good measure.

Now, you’ll want to strain the cranberries out. I used a basic kitchen sieve (and, upon my first try of straining out the berries, ended up spilling about 3 ounces of bright red vodka all over my kitchen counters. Class.)

I just ended up straining it into another mason jar. And voila:

Gloriously tart & tangy, ruby red Cranberry Vodka!

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