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Branded tweets & Twitter parties
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Previous Brand Work:

Rebel Green– Paid Post, Contest

Get Spring Clean with Rebel Green

Dunn-Edwards Paints– Product Seeding, Paid Post, Video Production, Social Shares

Spring Refresh with Dunn-Edwards Paint

Uniqlo USA– Product Seeding, Paid Post, Social Shares

Mix + Match with Uniqlo!

Sauza Tequila- Product seeding

100% Blue Agave Blanco Tequila Cinco de Mayo Cocktails
100% Blue Agave Tequila Autumn Cocktails

Prairie Organic Spirits- Product seeding

Organic Vodka and Gin Summer infusions

CorningWare- Product seeding

CW Color
CorningWare 20oz Mug

Bic- Product seeding

4 Color Pens
Magic Marker Window Markers Product seeding

Vegan cuisine at the Wynn

Baker’s Secret- Paid post, social shares

Bake & Serve Bakeware

SoCal Gas- Paid post, social shares

Solar Water Heating

Stella Cheeses- Paid post, social shares

Holiday Entertaining with Stella Cheese

WETSTYLE- Paid post, social shares

W2 by Wetstyle Winter Bath Campaign

Freixenet- Product seeding

Thanksgiving Cocktails with Freixenet

The Perfect Valentine Cocktail with Freixenet

Halloween Cocktails + Crafts With Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut

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